Authors I love

I have so many authors that I love,please do not make me choose.

The thing is everyone has their own style,and to me as a reader,if you give me a book without a cover and maybe give a character another name,I still would be able to say hey this is so and so’s writing style.

Like I said before I love Scandinavian Noir,but I also love my British authors and American ones.

Talking about the Swedish-Henning Mankell (and Kurt Wallender) is one of my top ones,coming close is the duo of Sjowall and Wahloo and their character Martin Beck.

download (2)

I also love Camilla Lackberg and her inquisitive Erica,so also Liza Marklund and her journalist Annika.

What do you think of Lars Kepler?and Joona?

My list would not be complete without mentioning Hjorth Rosenfeldt,Jo Nesbo,Hakan Nesser.

The master of now you see it now you don’t-Linwood Barclay himself,the man is something else,I regularly shake my head  when I read  him( to keep mentally  alert) because you never know what’s going to happen.


Andrew grant,I also love with his Commander Trevellyan,ever full of action.

And what of my dear Sophie Hannah?

Harlan Corben,Mark Billingham,these are the people that make long winter days bearable(not that I don’t read them on hot or cool summer days) curled up in a chair with a hot mug of coffee/cocoa,shut the world out and escape.


The next festival is coming up in September,wish I can make it this time,I have enjoyed so many books of the Dame and have watched  Hercules Poirot  films.

I never tire of reading her what with all the twists and turns in the tale  you are left guessing almost till the end and you still end up saying ‘really’.


Thrillerfest X is on in New York July 7-11,this is the 10th edition.I think it should not be missed and its going to be massive.

Thankfully we still have other events to look forward to in our neck of the woods here(UK).

See you soon,


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