Where was I ? Yes sorry for the long break,some things needed to be sorted so all done.

I was telling you that my thing was Scandinavian Noir(my phase which is not really a phase)I do read any kind of crime from Agatha Christie to Lee Child to Peter James.

I watched the film -The girl who played with Fire-and then I went to look for the book,that’s how I got hooked on Scandinavian crime novels.To tell you the truth I did not want to read them(but maybe because I lived there when I was a little girl and place names and nostalgia,had something to do with it).I said what’s all the hype about but everyone I knew and did not know were talking about it,so I said what do you have to lose, girl?

The film was good but the book was better,to me anyway-then I rushed out got all the books-I wished he would wake up from the dead and write another or that he had a stash of unpublished manuscripts(have you heard of the new one under his name,story for another day).

So my search started because I was HOOKED.

I googled and lo and behold I was in Crime Land(you know there’s no such thing as crime heaven).I was so happy you would think I won the National Lottery.

That’s how my journey started.

See you later


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