I decided that in my spare time I would chat about the books I read.

How do I get my books?with the digital age,I do buy a lot of e books,I also borrow books from the e-library.I buy “normal,proper”books as well,why?because nothing to me beats turning a paper page,sorry,but that’s my opinion.

All the different formats have their own pros and cons.

When I’m on the tube(subway,metro) I take along my e reader -a basic Nook(this is not an advert for Barnes and Noble)which i got when it was on sale,but hey,it does what it says on the tin.

When I’m at home I read a ‘proper’book,I need to hold physically( underlined for emphasis)and turn the pages,and feel the paper and caress the spine-talking of spines,we will discuss spine-tingling,chilling books and films and not so chilling books and books that make you chuckle on the bus or train and people turn to look at you.

I just love books,and read almost any book I lay my hands on,any subject.I do ramble on,feel free to stop me at any time.

Anyway,I have a little voice in my head and if I don’t put my thoughts down it will take up all the space in my head and I really don’t know how much space I had to begin with, or how much is left of what I had to begin with-what with juggling being a wife,mother,budget planner,bookkeeper,event planner,organiser,chauffeur,cook,dressmaker,etc.

So that’s me.I live and work in London.

I will chat about the books I have read,covering some genres but mostly crime,also films from books I have read too.

My phase right now is Scandinavian Noir.

I watched a film,then read the book,then I got hooked!!! Sound like you or someone you know?

I hear my name being screamed! To be continued.

See you later


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